Kick Live Role

How to setup Kick Live Role in your Discord server
Easily know when members in your Discord server go live on Kick. Sx Live can automatically add a special role to people when they start streaming on Kick, and take it away when they stop.
1. Add Sx Live to your server if you haven't already.
2. Create a live role if you haven't already.
3. Configure the bot to the live role you created. Example:+kickliverole set "Now Live" or "Streaming on Kick"
4. Add and link the Kick streamer to by Discord user mention or ID. Example+kickstreamers add xqc @discorduser Example:+kickstreamers add xqc 540349742178105409
5. View a list of connected streamers to Kick Live role. Example: +kickliverole list
Kick Live Role example
Kick Live role is currently a premium only feature. You will need to sign up on Patreon to get access!